Law Firms


Nuclei Health Consultancy believes innovation and thought leadership extends beyond traditional-state consulting services. As clinicians with expert knowledge in technology, we view increasing complexities involving integration of clinical data and documentation will necessitate new approaches to problem solving, inclusive of supporting law firms and clients risk management and legal service lines.


With the recent advent of Meaningful Use and increased regulatory pressures, healthcare delivery has forever changed with the electronic health record. Clinical data today is much more granular, and when this granularity is vetted and analyzed, the potential to reveal aspects of patient care not possible with traditional paper charting and documentation can be significant. Law firms that use traditional methodologies in discovery of clinical documentation to support legal claims simply is outdated. There is information contained within electronic health record documentation today that is often significant, yet overlooked by law firms and traditional expert witness clinicians. A novice-level understanding of electronic health records can prove costly.

Nuclei Health Consultancy can provide expert support in understanding how electronic clinical documentation is to be obtained, vetted, and analyzed. We support law firms clinical due diligence and expert witness clinical support with a technology-centric focus.


EHR systems are often implemented and deployed under compressed downward pressures from a strict regulatory and cost-containment environment. Electronic health record systems have positive aspects, yet pose new levels of risks and unintended consequences that can range from minor delays in treatment to adverse patient reactions and patient deaths. Additionally, there may be clinical risks embedded within vendor software and data management systems that remain unknown or dormant until certain clinical conditions are manifested.

Nuclei Health Consultancy provides leading-edge expertise in supporting hospitals and health systems with strategic approaches to understanding clinical risks with EHR systems. From implementation due diligence to forensics, implementation and performance contracting analysis and clinical workflows analysis, our unique approach in EHR risk analysis can be a timely compliment to any hospital or health system strategic plan.