Engineering/Commissioning Portfolio

Engineering/Commissioning Portfolio

Project Manager Responsibilities:

Auburn University:

  • New Athletic Facility
  • New Chemistry Facility
  • New College of Business Facility
  • New Veterinary Research Facility
  • New Life Science Facility
  • New Telecommunication Facility
  • New Biological Research Facility
  • New Swim Complex
  • New Aerospace Engineering Facility
  • Carolinas Medical Center-Union
  • New Oncology Unit
  • OR Department Expansion

Chief Design Responsibilities:

Shelby Medical Center:

  • New Surgical Suite HVAC & plumbing design
  • Hospital DDC Control Retrofit

Cooper Green Hospital:

  • Lighting retrofit Project
  • Central Plant Primary-Secondary variable flow retrofit
  • Air Handler VAV conversion
  • Building Automation System design

Montclair Medical Center:

  • Air Handler VAV conversion
  • New Laundry Department HVAC & plumbing design
  • Surgical Suite Addition (6 Suites) HVAC & plumbing design
  • New Chiller addition design

University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center:

  • Primary-Secondary Control system interface
  • Replacement cooling tower design
  • New Burn Unit HVAC & plumbing design
  • New OR Addition HVAC & plumbing design

Auburn University:

  • Replacement Air Handler Design-12 Buildings
  • Replacement Boiler Design-Central Plant
  • New process heat exchanger Design
  • New Chiller Design-Central Plant
  • Test and Balance-50 buildings
  • New domestic water system-Jordan Hare Stadium

Searcy Hospital:

  • New coal fired boiler plant design

Bishop State Comm College:

  • New Central Plant Design

Coca-Cola Corporate Headquarters:

  • 1200 Ton Centrifugal Chiller Replacement

Energy Engineering Studies:

  • City of Birmingham School System-239 Buildings
  • Homewood City Schools-12 Buildings
  • Montclair Medical Center
  • Shelby Medical Center
  • Children’s Hospital-Birmingham
  • St. Vincents Hospital
  • Medical Center East
  • University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center
  • University of Alabama-Birmingham- 64 Buildings
  • University of Alabama-91 Buildings
  • Brookwood Medical Center
  • Searcy Hospital
  • Auburn University-112 Buildings
  • Jefferson County School System-198 Buildings
  • Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Providence Hospital

Commissioning Engineer:

  • Tampa Regional Medical Center
  • Duke University Human Genetic Research Facility
  • Climatic Test Chamber-Eglin AFB